a quiet clapper

a park, in winter
This morning I am creating space with the poetry of Margaret Hasse.
Being Still

She's a quiet clapper in the bell of the prairie,
a girl who likes to be alone.
Today, she's hiked four miles down
ravines' low cool blueness.
Bending under a barbed wire, she's in grass fields.
She's at the edge of the great plains.
Wise to the openness, she finds it a familiar place.
Her clothes swell like wheat bread.

When she returns to her parents house,
the foxtails and burrs have come home, too.
The plants seem intent on living in new ground.
The stiller she is, the more everything moves
in the immense vocabulary of being.


Brooke said...

I like it. And I love the photo.

Alli Easley said...

I absolutely love the phrase "The stiller she is, the more everything moves..." I adore that.

Margaret Hasse said...

I received a Google Alert about my name on your blog. I enjoyed visiting your blog and reading some of your writing. Thanks for your evocative image that complements my "Being Still" poem.

jana said...

Wow, I can't tell you how immensely flattered I am that you spent time on my blog. I love your entire "Being Still" poem but I didn't post it all for fear of violating your copyright. I am glad to know that you weren't offended by my excerpting of your work.

I look forward to encountering and enjoying more of your poems--your imagery is so spot-on evocative. Thank you.