I shall wear purple (in my hair)

This year I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. With that, I held a spectacular fundraiser to provide prosthetic limbs for a Chinese girl who was my same age when she lost her legs. Such an exciting event!

Recently an IMUA teammate was diagnosed with cancer and shaved her head in preparation for chemo. Oh how well I remember the trauma of losing my hair! It came out in big handfuls over the span of about two weeks, until it became so thin that I started wearing a wig. In solidarity with our teammate, many IMUAns added a streak of pink to their hair or shaved their head, too. I'm not much into the pink activism that surrounds breast cancer, so I opted out of the pink streaks and instead added a bit of purple (with Sharine's help--thanks!!).

Adding some purple to my hair is not something that I'd normally do--I'm a plain Jane sort of gal. But so far it's been super-fun to have that bit of color showing through. I love that every time I look in the mirror I have an affirmation of life beyond cancer. And that feels very good, indeed.

Another of my friends is doing a fundraiser for a cancer charity in honor of her mother's recent diagnosis. She's shaving her head soon and I'm so excited for her (and also for the neat hats that she's knit to go along with this adventure).

I'd love to hear about the ways that you've supported your family members and friends with their cancer diagnoses and other ailments. Tell me all about it!


catbonny said...

i love it. =)

Dejah Thoris said...

Congratulations, Jana. As my mother is now diagnosed with ovarian cancer, we are in the stage of needing to learn more before decisions as to what to do are made. We're not sure that she's strong enough to survive the chemo. If she does go through chemo, I am seriously considering shaving my head in support, but I'm already supporting her daily with making her food, completely shifting my work schedule so I can relieve my dad of picking up the kids, etc. There are so many unknowns right now, so I'm not making any decisions yet.

Vajra said...

Jana, you look AWESOME in purple. I may have to follow your example.

I'm with you on the "pink" thing though. Once upon a time it worked i.e. shortly after the red ribbon for HIV/Aids, but now it just seems silly. Just sayin'. Plus, like you, I'm not a pink person. I wonder if other cultures color code their children?

jana said...

Vajra: you would look gorgeous in purple, too! :)