Catgirl goes to Washington

the way she sees the world, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Our teenage daughter is headed to D.C. in a few weeks to join in an FCNL delegation to lobby Congress for specific measures related to peace, the environment, immigration, etc. Catgirl is so excited about this opportunity and so are we!

This will be a big adventure for her and she's already committed to blogging daily about all that she experiences. And you can bet that I'll be linking to her posts and adding my $.02, too!

Members of our local Quaker Meeting are supporting her efforts and she's also looking for anyone who might have an extra transferable JetBlue award to aid with her travel expenses. If you'd like to be part of her support team, please contact me (remyjATuciDOTedu).

Catgirl has asked for this trip for her birthday--isn't that wonderful?* I can't help but think back to when I was her age and marked my birthday that year by having my first chemo treatment (ugh!). So I'm super-especially delighted to help her celebrate this year in such a memorable manner! What an amazing gift she is to me, to our family, and to our community.

Pic above taken on our trip to the Capitol last winter, with the Jefferson monument in the background.

*By way of full disclosure...the birthday girl also asked for a pair of Cons in addition to the trip--she is, after all, a teenager! :)


G said...

she's my hero
(oh, so are you, btw. )

Alli Easley said...

How awesome is this???

Bekah said...

Can I just say that since she was in my class ages ago, she has been one of my favorite people and it has been a pleasure watching her grow up. Happy Birthday!