the girls!

CC novice girls, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Another picture of my awesome teammates, taken at our Corporate Challenge fundraiser on Sunday.

This was snapped just after I steered a boat that "huli'd" (or tipped over) in the Bay. Bet ya can't tell that I'm soaking wet! And I do have to say that it felt good to get cooled off in the water. :)

Also this is one of the few pics of our novice crew that includes our coach, Dora, who's standing in the center wearing a lei of blue orchids.


gs said...

Hi! I hope I don't seem to be a pedant, but I happen to grow orchids, and they come in every color except two: Black, and... blue. This is because the blue coloring in flowers comes from copper, and the orchids (the most ancient of all the flowers) departed from the rest of the flowers' family tree before they evolved to use copper.

That tiny point aside, you are certainly a fine looking crew!

jana said...

They were definitely an unnaturally brilliant blue, so perhaps they were dyed? The team specifically ordered the lei for her in our team colors (blue & orange).

That's fascinating to know that they evolved before those flowers that use copper!