paddling hands, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

The writing on my hand is an abstracted map of the racecourse for our meet on Saturday (the directions out of the marina and out on the open ocean). Our boat didn't get lost during the race, but this steersman couldn't follow her googlemap (or Thomas Guide) back to the freeway onramp, so we got a nice tour of Culver City as I attempted to get my bearings and find a way home. Hilarious, methinks.

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littlemissattitude said...

It looks like the layout for a hole of miniature golf, especially with the flag in the part closest to your wrist.

As for the adventure in Culver City...to me, that's part of the romance of travel, even in your own general region. You don't ever get lost, really...but you do take the longer, scenic route sometimes.

Then again, sometimes I take the longer, scenic route on purpose. Must be my heritage of Sunday drives when I was a child, when my father would seek out the narrowest, most winding roads just to see where they went.