when only a tutu will do, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Today's escapist fantasy: me as a ballerina. Though I studied ballet briefly as a young girl, I never showed any promise as a dancer.

But today I'm living my contradictions.

I'm typically quite practical and utilitarian. I rarely dress 'girly' and I'm not 'fancy.' But I do have this romantic pretty'streak inside that drives me to hang gauzy curtains on my canopy bed, wear silver bangle bracelets, and occasionally dress up in something that I wouldn't dare wear out of the house.


Anonymous said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

I think you should wear these things out of the house sometimes. Clothes don't have to be serious all the time! The tutu looks lovely :)

Anita said...

I am familiar. I wear wigs around the house sometimes.

Maureen said...

Yep, I still enjoy playing dress-up. I joke that's a large part of what I enjoy about doing community theater. Musicals because I love "singing choruses in public", period or "themed" shows because I get to wear fun costumes. When I had my wedding dress fitted, you shoulda seen the look on the fitter's face when I told her I regarded the dress as just another costume, to be worn for a one-day run. :D (Marrying at 43, I didn't expect to have a daughter to pass it on to.)

sarah k. said...

Oh Jana, It's lovely. I dare you to wear it out, if only to the farmer's market. Isn't that the sort of place you can wear anything? Buy some flowers and a baguette, ride your bike, stop for coffee on your way home. And feel lovely the whole time.

I think I will dress up today.