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Coffee Shop, originally uploaded by Makiko.Y.

I learned that this little shop above, Temple Coffee, used to be a bookstore. I'm thinking that's one reason it has such groovy karma. So far I've started every morning in Sacramento in this spot: free wi-fi, delicious fruity scones, and hearts on my latte.

Now just wishin' the books were still here, too :)

Yesterday I tried my hardest to convince John that this town was worth a family visit. Oh, how he resists. So now I'm asking myself: is this a particularly charming place or is it just me??

Some notes on other recent adventures here: eating lunch in the Secretary of State dining room. Button-down shirts were the de-facto uniform and the menu was sorta 'meh,' but I met the most dynamic line-cook ever (damn it's fun to meet someone who's truly passionate about their job) and he did fabulous work with my veggie burger.

I walked a few blocks out of my way to find the closest used bookshop. Loved meeting Raffles, the resident kitty (and she tolerated me). Loved that they had a "Happy Hour" 10% discount, loved that some of the books I bought were only $1, loved meeting a young art teacher buying a stack of threadbare hardbacks for altered books, loved walking past the fortune cookie baker (oh, what a smell!) on the way. Why (oh why) doesn't OC have a decent bookstore--esp a used bookstore? (Acres of Books, I miss you, too). I need such spaces to feel alive.

Last night I sat in the parlor of the old home where I'm staying, working on my conference talk for tomorrow(!). To try to avoid the skeeters I opened the windows wide for the evening breezes (rather than sitting on the veranda) and was charmed that I could still hear the sax player practicing nearby, well into the wee hours of the night.

For those of you who might find yourself in Sacto anytime soon, some pertinent links:
Sacramento Hostel
Beers Books
Temple Coffee
Pyramid Alehouse

PS: To the dissertation gods that have arranged for me to have the funding necessary for such adventures while I'm working in archival repositories. Thank you!

Note: trip pics to come soon--I'm using my ASUS laptop while traveling and I can't get it to read the SD card from my camera--any advice on how to fix this??


littlemissattitude said...

I'm already plotting and planning a day-trip to Sacramento to visit Beers Books. Preferably on a second Saturday, for the 20 percent (!) discount.


G said...

love. LOVE used books stores. this little trip sounds simply amazing.

FoxyJ said...

We live close to Sacramento and the few times we've been there have been enjoyable. Old Town is a fun little place and my kids loved the train museum. Actually, I really liked it to and we could hardly tear my dad away from it (he's an engineer and loves machines). I'll have to check out that bookstore next time I'm in town.

yakygirl said...

I left OC over 15 years ago. There used to be a great little used book store on Main Street in Seal Beach (not exactly OC, but very close). I don't know if it's still there but the drive up PCH would be worth finding out. Plus there is something so charming about Seal Beach. It's not as touristy as the other beaches in OC/LA. Good luck on your hunt!