just the two of us

Being the highly social creatures that John and I are, we tend to do LOTS OF STUFF with friends. For example, when we drop by the pub we tend to do a shout-out to the local crowd, when there's a cultural event happening we invite along other artsy folks, when we travel we plan meetups with all of favorite farflung peeps, and when we have a free evening, there's always something to celebrate at chez Remy. (ok, and even our anniversary trip to Boston two years ago--we either stayed with or metup with friends nearly every bit of the way...)


We've decided it's time to carve out some space for just the two of us and we're brainstorming what that might look like...another trip together, perhaps (both Boston and Toronto are enticing us)? A weekly John/Jana datenight? A regular lunchtime meetup?

How do you create space for you and your partner in the midst of a busy and friend-filled life?


daisies said...

its not easy but ... we tend to go to concerts just the two of us, for instance we are going to see leonard cohen on saturday and while we will invariably end up running into people we know and socializing, we will enjoy the experience, just the two of us ... we also try and carve out photography adventure day trips at least once a month, just the two of us :-)

yakygirl said...

We have school aged kids, both work, lots of activities, no family (i.e., free babysitting). We make weekday lunch dates once a month. It's amazing what an hour alone, eating food that the kiddos would never try, can do for our relationship. Cheers to you and John for making time for each other.

Marta said...

lunch rocks and doesn't cut into catgirl/gameboy time. and menus are lower priced. and you have the apartment to yourselves...

Aerin said...

I definitely understand being busy - and life has been less busy now that we're both out of school. I know it will (also) be easier once we no longer need to coordinate with a babysitter.

So basically we make carving time out for the two of us a priority - by staying on top of things and saying no to some activities.

Yes, I do mean saying no when there is a person who is a wonderful person but who we see all the time... a good example is one of my husband's uncle's and his wife who visit two or three times each year. We make time to visit with them, but don't re-arrange our lives...if that makes sense.

On the other hand, we don't believe in being attached at the hip either. I don't see why on an anniversary vacation we wouldn't necessarily look up or hang out with friends one night or so. I really enjoy spending time with just my husband. But we both really enjoy entertaining and hanging out with friends/other couples.