when it's time...

Marshall Fields' Clock, originally uploaded by Atelier Teee.

Every clock in my house is set to a different time:
-My alarm clock is 20 min fast
-The LR clock is 12 min fast
-My watch is 9 min fast
-the clock in the car is 10 min fast

I think it pretty much drives my family crazy, but I really really hate being late and having all these "early" clocks helps me not to be tardy to my appointments or obligations. My kids are also never late to school.

John thinks having the clocks early is silly, because we just compensate for it. I don't think I do, because seeing that minute hand near my appointment time--even if it is a "faux" time--gets me moving faster every time.


Vajra said...

That's hysterical because it precisely reflects the clocks in my house. I'm with JohnBoy on this but like him, I've lost the battle.

[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

That would likely make me crazy. It bothers me when 1 clock is 30 seconds off from any other. I try to set them so they all exactly the same (correct) time.

bonzai said...

Sadly, it is no longer the Marshall Field's clock - it's the Macy's clock.
For a Chicago suburbanite whose earliest memories were bus trips to see the Christmas windows at Field's each December, that will NEVER sound right.
And I always have the little travel clock in my bathroom set 10 minutes fast, and I set a timer on the microwave to tell me when the kids have to get their stuff together to leave for the bus, or they'd never make it.