happy garden thoughts

peach rose, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

--Sometimes I'm almost embarrassed by how happy my garden makes me. When people walk by and I'm grinning at nothing in particular I'm sure they think I'm a bit off my nut.

--Chatting with some garden neighbors over the fence and we were talking peas and spinach and such practicalities. Then they remarked on how healthy my new rosebushes are looking and added, "Your garden just wants to be a rose garden." I think they're right. This summer is going to be amazing with all 24 rosebushes! (oh, and not to worry, I'll plant me some tomatoes, too...)

--This week I've been cleaning all the grit and cobwebs off the porches--especially the back porch. I was getting everything all set back there for a summer of evening enjoyment (nothing better than candles and just sitting in the warm evening on the back porch). I realized that what the porch needed to be 'just perfect' was a small round cafe table--for a teacup or my laptop and for a vase of freshly-picked flowers in the center. So I told the universe that's what I wanted and thought I'd wait and see if/when one came my way via a friend or freecycle. It didn't take long. Said table appeared on my bike ride home from the garden. Thank you, cosmos!! :)

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Maureen said...

I think it makes perfect sense that your garden makes you so happy. I'm very much a dilettante - stick a few annuals in the ground in the spring, maybe a few more bulbs in the fall, sit back and hope they survive.

We've just hit one of my favorite times of year - the crocuses started popping up about 10 days ago! This happens every year, so that I know exactly which houses get theirs first, and which colors, yet every year I still get unreasonably excited to see those first brave blooms - I feel like a kid getting her dream Christmas present.

I wish we could grow vegetables, but between the venerable shade trees and their squirrel inhabitants, it's pretty much hopeless. Thank heaven for coworkers with veggie gardens. ;-)