journey (and a giveaway)

Jana and Heather ArmstrongBack in August when I spoke on a panel with Heather Armstrong, many people asked me about the necklace that I was wearing. It was a hippy-ish strand of turquoise beads with a tree pendant in the center. I'd come across this necklace awhile before when I was looking on etsy.com for a handmade pendant with a 'pilgrim' or a 'journey' theme. I'd found a great "journey" necklace in this shop (perfect for a pilgrimgirl, I'd say), but then decided to purchase the tree necklace instead (if you know me, you will know that I have this "thing" for trees and will often carry on conversations with them).


So this seller is having a giveaway on her blog this week and it just so happens that she's offering one of her "Journey" necklaces to the lucky winner. Of course I entered right away, and suspect that you'll want to do the same! (note: leave your comment on her blogpost and not mine!)

Photo by John


G said...

cool! thanks for the tip!

Kathy Hardy said...

Thanks Jana!!!! I hope you win the necklace ~ ♥ Kathy