simply overwhelmed

I just wanted to add one note even though I already blogged today...

One of the gifts of this crazy internet world has been the many beautiful people that I would never have known otherwise. I don't dare make any kind of list recounting the various interactions (it would take days and I'm sure I would forgot so many!). But for right now I'm just feeling awed by the sweetness of some recent encounters.

As I sit here I am wearing a necklace gifted to me by G, who spent much of the last weekend with us. As I make arrangements for our winter trip, I am simply overwhelmed by offers of places to stay as we travel, those who have offered to loan winter clothing, and those who I will finally get to meet in-person.

Thank you just doesn't stretch far enough to cover all of this goodness. :)


bonzai said...

I, and I suspect other readers, are overwhelmed ourselves. Overwhelmed by your willingness to share your warmth of spirit and your journey through life with us, as well as your breath-taking photography skills. It is a wonderful world we live in that we can connect here in cyberspace, and then sometimes in the real world.
Your posts often bring a bit of peace to this whirlwind life.
And if you're ever passing through the Chicago area... ;)

Kaimi said...

Jana! :)

I'm sorry to hear that you've been overwhelmed; but I'm glad that you've found support in your friends. Hugs to you. :)