because there is no recession for a sick kid...

I'm sure you've all heard of St. Jude's Hospital, the world-class medical facility that never turns away a child because they can't pay for healthcare. My biochemist brother David is a researcher at St. Jude's--his lab has a robot that tests thousands of chemical samples for possible therapeutic properties.

Recently he called my attention to this video clip of a teen with osteosarcoma (scroll down and click on the link from the Nov 25 show), the same type of bone cancer that I had at age 12. I know it's a busy season and the economy is awful this year, but if you're blessed with any surplus to share, St. Jude's is a worthy cause. Though I wasn't treated at their facility, they are one of the sponsors of a long-term cancer survivor study that has been invaluable in giving me information about the health issues that I will continue to face because of my high-dose chemotherapy treatments (with their life-altering side-effects).

Pic above is of me back in 1984 when I was undergoing my cancer treatments.

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