some simple pleasures


**chatting with a friend on her front porch

**getting an unexpected check in the mail--an award for a book review written several months ago

**meeting all of my dissertation goals for today

**turning the compost in the backporch bin (I try to remember to do this daily--the wormies do their best work when they get plenty of fresh air)

**GameBoy and Catgirl sitting at the kitchen table dutifully doing their homework. Until they break out into a boisterous debate about the merits of the overland Silk Road vs. the seatrade from Mecca to China

**the smell of fresh basil from my garden


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I ♥ the simple things :)

daisies said...

the simple things are the best ... and what beautiful basil. i miss my garden now asleep waiting for the snow to fall ...

Dee said...

Congratulations to Gameboy and Catgirl - What great world historians to be debating the two great trade routes!

Alli Easley said...

Basil is my favorite green thing on the earth. And I mean that with all my green heart.