things I like

I'd totally give up beer for Wi-Fi. I have little patience for cafes, libraries, or university spaces that aren't connected.

On a totally unrelated note, below is a pic of a wee bluebird sewn by the skilled artist of Purple Petunia. I met her while I was in Boston and became smitten with her work. She gave me some supplies and tips on getting CatGirl making her own tiny felted creatures. CG, of course, was ecstatic when I shared them with her. :)

(to get a sense of scale...this bird is smaller than a walnut)


Lorell said...

I too like (well actually love) tiny felted creatures. I have been taking felting classes, and my last creation has been a gnome and mushroom, and a mermaid. Ahhhh the love of working with a soft natural material. My wool collection is getting out of hand. I just can't get enough of blending colors with my drum carder!

Craig said...

That is very lovely.

galen dara said...

I've GOT to learn this thing!

Unknown said...

Good grief, that's a cute birdie!

I just got back from a trip to Amish country/Lancaster County, PA, and you wanna talk about WiFi depravation! I'm just thanking my lucky stars that we had cell phone coverage!

Maura said...

That is so incredibly adorable! There's nothing like felted items.