Yatta!, originally uploaded by mind on fire.

We took the kids to the beach tonite. For one last sandy picnic before school begins.

I was feeling a bit chilled and weary, so I let the kids do all of the exploring and getting wet while I enjoyed the serenity of the waves from my chair...

Thanks for your good wishes for our anniversary, which we celebrated last night. We spent a quiet evening at home enjoying some garden pizza and John's fabulous almond blancmange with basil coulis. The two of us then watched "Across the Universe" all snuggled up in bed together--singing along with the songs.

Picture above taken by John just before a big wave came up behind the kids and soaked their backsides. Aren't they adorable! :)


Brett Nordquist said...

What a great picture and a nice end to the summer.

JohnR said...

Actually, gameboy is throwing his arms up because they just got soaked. Apparently this was something they were seeking out. :P

lma said...

Ah, to not start school until September. Those were the days.

When I was growing up in Ventura County, school never started until the middle of September. Now, here in Fresno where I live the kids have been in school, most of them, for two or two and a half weeks already, the local community college started two weeks ago and the local CSU started back last week.

There is just something wrong with school starting in August.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! The way you spent it would be my choice as well. There is no place like home with someone you love. May you have many happy returns of the day.

Alli Easley said...

Just moved from there to here...here being Utah. I miss the beach so much. I miss it even more when I see these pictures!

Kristen said...

John cooks too? You are one lucky woman.


Pink Ink said...

You are lucky to live close to the ocean!