My Daybook

My Daybook, an idea from the Simple Woman via the High Desert:

I am wearing a soft faded tank, undies and nothing else just yet (I'll pull a skirt on momentarily, I suppose).

I am reading several books right now, but all went on hold over the weekend as I finished grading a slew of summer school term papers. Grading now completed, I will be returning to my books!

I am hearing construction noises--there are 1500 new apartments being built across the street (sigh). Also, a cricket that's determinedly chirping in the front hall closet and has so far eluded the bug-eating kitties in our home.

Learning all the time about how to balance my work with that of the other members of the household, even as I support friends and am gentle with my body during my continued healing. It's a lot to do!

I am thankful that I received an ever-so-kind reply from my query to Friendly Crossways about staying there during part of my time in Massachusetts (a Quaker farm--what could be a better spot for me?). Also, thankful for the many Boston-based friends that I'll soon be seeing (yay!!)

I am hoping that all will go well this afternoon when I see my doctor about my leg. Keeping fingers crossed that she will agree that I am improving. Also, hoping that CatGirl's fever will break soon.

From the kitchen this morning came steel-cut oats a la John (yum) with milk and a squirt of agave nectar, they are a perfect morning treat. (There are also fruit flies coming from the kitchen, but we won't talk 'bout that...)

I am creating peace by breathing deeply and facing fear. That, and also parenting the two most amazing teenagers on the planet. Seriously. I am so pleased that I am not going at this alone--my kids have fab role models and teachers to mentor them along their way.

Bringing beauty to my home with the two vases of cut roses on my kitchen table. My "Mon Cheri" rose is favoring me with the most gorgeous pink-to-red blossoms and "Vavoom" is a peachy ruffled delight. Because I'm fighting this cold/flu, my kids cut the roses for me when they watered the garden this weekend. My family is always so willing to "bring the garden to me" when I am too weary to go there myself.

Around the house, we are reeling just a bit from the back-to-school schedule. It's going to take awhile for the new rhythms to settle in.

Outside my window it looks like it will be a brighter day than the weekend, when it was mostly overcast (oh, my garden has been so confused by this weird August/September weather). The spiders have nearly taken over my back porch in the past few weeks. Perhaps today (or later this week) I will clean out some of the cobwebs. {I am hoping that no one besides the spiders is outside my window is looking in, given my current state of disrobedness)

I am thinking about my Quaker community. I missed Meeting yesterday due to the flu that CatGirl and I are enduring. I'm currently sitting on several committees and not always finding time to be proactive in my efforts as the Clerk of the Peace & Social Concerns committee. Hoping to do better with that in the future.

One of my favorite things is that John is back to focusing on finishing his Master's thesis. I love his topic and know that he will do a fine job with it.

A few plans for the rest of the week...I have numerous medical appointments this week (everything from an MRI to dental work to alterations on my prosthesis). Also, I'll be continuing my commute to the Huntington on three of the weekdays. I am excited for what's ahead on the calendar and am just hoping hoping hoping that I can move through the days with confidence and strength.

I would love to take a peek at your daybook. Drop a link in the comments if you play along!


It Is What It Is said...


God's Guitar Girl said...

I'm enjoying popping over to your page these days; I'll play along, too!


JohnR said...

Thank you for the thesis support. It's deeply appreciated. :)

Ellen said...

I have to say that your 'from the kitchen' part sounds absolutely divine.

Tess said...

I'll play...


Erin G. said...

I'm playing, too. My font got a little wonky because I cut-n-paste the format...but oh well. No need to be perfect about it. Fun!!


Vajra said...

This looks interesting but is it a daily effort or once a week or...?

There seems to be a lot on you plate, but John twittered that it included waffles so I think you're taking care of yourself.

FoxyJ said...

I finally managed to get this done tonight. It's the first post on my blog.