a few loose ends

I just wanted to clarify a couple of things:
1) I am doing better. I don't know if I've come right out and said it here, but I am. Far, far better.
2) Blogging is my therapy--meaning that the thoughts that spill out here are often some of my deepest fears and once I've laid them all out in black and white it's like it's so much easier. Those things are all cleared out of my head and I can get clarity and move on.
3) And, people (insert drumroll), I did it--packed my own wound tonight with some coaching from John. See how my blogging about it helped to make it all better!



catbonny said...

Good job on #3 Jana. That is awesome, and sucj a big hurdle. I knew you could do it.

daisies said...

yay you!! : )

lma said...

I'm glad you're doing better, Jana.

I've been following your blog posts, but haven't sent wishes earlier as I've been kind of absorbed in our own medical issues here...my mother fell and broke her (other) hip last month. She's in rehab now, and I've just started the search for a good board and care for her for when she is released from rehab, as I can't really take care of her the way she needs to be taken care of anymore. Much angst is ensuing, but it is the best thing for her at this point.


Kathy Quick, UCI said...

I'm with Bonny and can't say it any better. Way to go! We are going away for the weekend, it turns out, just the two of us. So we're not around to help for the next few days, but lots of other people are if you only ask. Take good care. You and John are amazing.

Gray said...

Good for you, and good for blogging. You certainly have been through some unpleasant experiences. I am really impressed by your ability to blog about it all. Thanks for having the courage to share with us.

I'm sure this is really hard for John and the kids too.

Feel better!


Anonymous said...


{get well}

sometimes reader of you blog

Lisa Guidarini said...

Blogging is my therapy, too. It's such a great outlet. People who call us "navel gazers" don't get it. It's about reaching out and touching people you'd never meet in person, empathizing and helping to hold each other up. The amount of kindness and support I've found blogging is just amazing. My own battle's with depression/bipolar, which has lead to some really nasty life events, but no matter what our problems we share a common humanity, and love for others who need it.

Though I'm new to your blog you should know I admire your strength. When I see others battling life's difficulties it's so inspiring.