deep, deep sigh

monstrous II (photoshopped), originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Had a bit of a scare when my leg got swollen and inflamed again on Sunday. The doctors switched my antibiotics today and we're watching it carefully. I was a bit of a mess though for awhile there, worried about my infection returning again.

Deep, deep, sigh.

I keep trying to live in the moment and not carry too much fear. I know I can face whatever looms ahead, come what may. But every once in awhile my courage slips anyways.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


Photo: the spiky tendrils of a zucchini blossom in my garden. Isn't it both scary and lovely?


This Little Light said...

Hope all goes well.

Melissa said...

I hope the new anitbiotic kicks in and beats the infection! Hang in there!

Cait said...

I had such a bad time with my health over this past winter. I would talk to my doc and she would say there should be improvement by next week. The next week came and the next week came and she would say the same thing. But spring did eventually come. The sun did once again shine on my face.

I hope you will have the strength to endure. I hope the sun will shine on your face and your garden will work it's healing magic on you.

EmilyCC said...

Beautiful (and menacing) picture.

I thought it was something terribly exotic--wish my zucchini blossoms looked like that.

crystal said...

I hope you feel more hopeful soon. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

Redneck Bees said...

May the Lord bless you in your time of need! It has been long since I have had opportunity to visit with you and John. I wish you well in your endeavors through life where ever you choose to travel. You know the power of the priesthood in helping to heal the body and soul, seek it if it is in your heart to do so.

Life has taken us down differing paths. I am sorry that I have not been a better friend to you and John over the years. Amy told me at our reunion of your recent concerns with your infection. I offer my prayer on your behalf for your strength and health to return and hope you accept them freely.

Say hi to John for me. I am sure he has a blog somewhere that I have not discovered yet... Keep up the cheer and look for the good in each day and no matter how dark life may get you will always find joy and something to smile for!

Matt Parkin
a friend from yesteryear

ps. redneckbees is the nick name that may become a side business related to my backyard hobby...check it out if you are interested... redneckbees.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gorgeous photos. I'm sending many good thoughts your way. You are a true light!


sarah k. said...

Curse that damn infection! I'm gonna have to start praying for you too. Or gathering cosmic energy and throwing it in your direction, or something. I keep thinking of teahouses in Boston.

jana said...


I had a sort of epiphany this morning as I was waking up from a very deep sleep....

I don't think I'm fully over this infection yet, nor do I think I will be for some time. It's just what it is. My docs told me to go ahead and go to Boston in September, but to be careful about "overdoing it" (hah!). They know that there are good docs there if I need them (they wouldn't have approved a similar trip to say, the Amazon).

I think I'm just going to have to find a way to make this trip a bit "easy." I can do that. So I won't we walking the Freedom Trail. And I won't be traipsing 5+ miles/day riding the T and exploring the Boston environs like on my last trip. But I do suspect that I will have lots of time to just "be" with friends. And maybe that's what I need right now, anyways! :) I am really liking the idea of maybe spending a few days in Cape Cod, relaxing near the water. If anyone has suggestions of places to stay there, please let me know (or if you want to join me there--let's do some brainstorming!).

John is at mindonfire.com. Someday I'd like to have bees, but raising them is forbidden in my current garden (for liability issues). Glad you stopped by!

catbonny said...

Do you ever cook with these blossoms? They sell them at the F Market and David made me some eggs with them once, but I didn't like it at all.

Anyway, I am hoping you will be well- if not completely in your body mostly in your mind. Lots of people love you so very much and I am hoping that light helps somewhat.

Kathy Quick, UCI said...

Dammit. Hang in there. We are here to help. Kudos to your fortitude. Kathy

daisies said...

hmmmm ... you make the zucchini flower look so exotic, i need to go out to the garden and take another look at mine ;-) i love how you see the world .. hang in there honey, hugs! xo

Kristine said...

Yes, come to Boston! And call me while you're here? Please :)