au nom de la rose

rose and ned

Omondieu's post about roses had me singing in agreement when I read it yesterday. She says:

and these are my roses. this my summer's love.

and it's been about learning.

and it's been about growing.

it's been about taking the risk to blossom.

and i don't ever want to stop...

My roses bring me so much joy right now--I try to spend time every day in my rosegarden and feeling the excitement and magic of bursting buds.


Photo is of a mini rosebush in the center area of my garden. In the background you can see Ned the elephant--he's a favorite with our smaller garden friends.

PS: I am very weary today. Some of my new meds are having strange side effects, including sleeplessness and difficulty breathing. Sigh. I'd love to hear what adventures y'all have planned for your long weekend--drop me a line in the comments and let me know!


Downbeat said...

I'm watching a good friend of mine get married on Memorial Day. Of course, this is only the culmination of the weekend. There's the bachelorette party on Saturday and the rehearsal/dinner on Sunday. Her little brother got married on the fourth of July, so I joke with them that their family robbed me of my summer holidays this year.

Numismatist Facts said...

Hubby is going out of town for part of the weekend. I will be going for the last swim with the grandkids and then hosting a family barbeque on Sunday. Monday might be the day to just be lazy.

Oh yeah, in case I get bored the garage needs a good cleaning!

mamadoula said...

I have a client in the hospital, so I will be visiting her and her new baby. Our football team has their first game tomorrow, so we're hosting a chili and football party with friends. Sunday and Monday should be filled with yard work, house work, and probably some goofing off!

Kathy Quick, UCI said...

The elephant! When you mentioned that it is a favorite with little friends, I'm not sure whether you meant little friends of the garden fauna kind or of the people kind, but I can say that it one of the landmarks of my frequent tours of the community garden with Sonia and whatever 3- to 4- year old friends she happens to have in tow. We enjoy it.

We have none of the usual BBQ plans for the holiday, in part owing to an OCFM committee meeting that was inexplicably scheduled for the early evening, but perhaps we could organize a veggie box community picnic earlier in the day? Something low-key would be fine, especially if you are dealing with infection and the meds. I am so sorry about that.

jana said...

Yes, the elephant is a favorite with the preschool crowd--I love being in the garden during the day when the children make the 'rounds. They love seeing Ned and our other random garden statues.

John (with an h) said...

I'll be dancing my butt off at Inspiration Weekend!

deborah said...

I'm in Paris so it's not a holiday, but it is the rentree, the back-to-school&work weekend which marks the end of summer. It's warm & sunny here. I'm going to run around doing a little shopping, have long talks with 2 or 3 friends, see a movie (Gomorra, an italian film on Naples mafia),and clean my apartment as I'm subletting it for 6 months when I leave Wednesday for Chiapas, Mexico where I'll work with a small NGO. I bought 3 new used paperbacks from new authors (egyptian, german, and hungarian all translated into french) so I hope to have time to read, too!


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

I LOVE your garden, and I really love the pics of your garden. It reminds me of all the gardening I did growing up. Both my parents are avid gardeners, and I really miss all the beautiful flowers and fresh fruit and vegetables we ate all through the warm months. I really look forward to having my own house.

Do either of your children or your husband like to garden as well?

debra said...

My husband took #1 daughter back to college in NYC this morning. We had the time where we cried and hugged. So #2 daughter and I are eating easy foods and watching cheesy movies this evening. I wish you all good things.

FoxyJ said...

I need to start a garden--you've inspired me. Yesterday we went to San Francisco and wandered about. We saw cool old ships and took a tour of the bakery and bought sourdough bread. It was nice. Next weekend we're going back for the "Power to the Peaceful Festival" with Michael Franti. I have no plans for tomorrow except for making chocolate pudding. My favorite part of FHE is making treats!