Just survived an earthquake in the hospital. We're on the 3rd floor and things really shook but stayed intact. John and Catgirl were close at hand--it was CG's first real earthquake experience. What a memorable one that will be!

I am feeling pretty good today. The wound is feeling better, the PICC line means no more IVs, and we are trying a new antibiotic because of my allergic reaction to the previous one. Everything is looking up!

I do hope that all that were hit harder by the quake will be okay.


Rechabite said...

5.8 at Chino Hills/Yorba Linda area. I'm in Utah but was just google chatting with a friend in Burbank when it hit. Thought of you right away when I pulled up the USGS online quake map and noticed how close Irvine is! Am very glad to hear your healing continues unabated.

matt thurston said...

Yeah, that was a big one, and a long one too. Uh, the earthquake that is. So long that after 10 seconds or so I decided I better crawl under my desk.