My Independence


About two years ago I bought a bike, and not just any bike--it's a tricked-out bright red tricycle. This bicycle allows me much independence. I can 'commute' to work far more cheaply and quickly than by driving, I can keep up with my kids when they're on their skates or bikes, and I can have the joy of getting places with my own muscle power.

Because I have a disability that limits my mobility (especially preventing me from walking long distances), my bike facilitates my independence in so many ways.

This evening I took a 30 lb load of compost to the garden in my basket along with some seedlings. I routinely carry a week's worth of groceries in my "trunk." Tomorrow morning I will pedal to the local Farmer's Market and return home with several bags full of tasty local produce.

my garden ride


Lorell said...

I love, love, love, love, love that bike! I was looking at one similar to yours at our local bike shop recently.

Hmmmm you are giving me ideas...

Does it have a name? Because a trusty bike like that MUST have a name.

Anonymous said...

I love your bike, too. I have been looking for one, but they are so expensive. Hopefully I will find a used one. For now my old beach cruiser with a basket will have to do. Happy riding!
Lisa O

daisies said...

i love love love your bike :)

i love biking and so very much enjoy using it is as my main mode of transportation these days!!

i heart that you adorn her with flowers!!