short shameful confession #3

This hippie girl just bought herself an air conditioner. I think that's what happens when you run a fever for days on end and the thermometer is hitting triple digits both inside and out (do you like how I am justifying this?).

Seriously people, I am feeling pretty good right now. Your healing mojo is totally working its magic (and the A/C is adding its own special touch, too)...



sarah k. said...

(Sympathetic old lady voice) Oh, you poor dear!

Having a fever stinks, and being hot stinks. You needn't feel guilty because, it's for your sanity. In the Philippines, when I thought I would keel over dead because of the heat, I would dump some cool water all over me, especially in my hair, and then sit in front of a fan. That probably saved my life at least 547.5 times.

I hope you feel better soon!

Jessica said...

I'm sooo glad you have A/C! I didn't know that you were in the heat before.
Sometimes being comfortably cool is the most important thing in the world.
(I say that because it was 113 today)
Hope you are well.
My little guy prayed for you last night.

catbonny said...

Yay for AC!!! When I was little and living in the hot and HUMID state of Maryland, we didn't have it so my whole family used to get up at different times of the night to take cold showers and go back to bed. Then when we got it is was only in the living room and mom mom's room, so my sister and I spent most of the summer camped out in the living room. It's not quite as humid here, but I am still thinking that with being sick, and having allergies it is totally going to be a positive thing in your life.

Does it fit in the window?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are comfortable and feeling better! I think running the A/C a few times a year is perfectly acceptable. Not everyone is cut out for unadulterated desert living. And at some point, we will have alternative energy sources and it won't even matter. All those science geeks over at UCI, though, the ones you'd think would be working on this? You'd better believe they have the air conditioning on in their labs. Dang hard to be inventive when you feel like a gigantic steamed dumpling.

How would history be different if Conestoga wagons had had air conditioning? Imagine how our foremothers crossing the desert in long dresses and layered unclean underwear would envy us the choices we have.

jana said...

Our neighborhood doesn't allow _window_ A/C (because that would be like, unaesthetic) so we had to buy the kind that sits inside the room with a vent to the outside. It sort of looks like R2D2 sitting in the corner. I was telling John last night that I want to paint it purple. He sort of looked at me like I had been spending way to much time inhaling freon fumes.

You are so right that _all_ of those high-tech labs at UCI are highly air conditioned. heh.

I am grateful that I have the option (and luxury) of choosing A/C (or not). My internal temp was actually normal for much of yesterday evening, which is HUGE news. I'm sure its not wholly A/C related, but I'm convinced that being comfortable is key to much of the good healing that I've been up to the last few days! Last night I was actually quite giddy--so excited to be feeling _good_ and so hopeful!