je suis contente

What a gorgeous morning it is here in Cache Valley! John and I stole away from the wedding preparations for an hour to have breakfast together in a friendly cafe (so friendly that they even remember our drink preferences from yesterday's visit!).

Yesterday I did the preliminary legwork for my research at USU later in the summer, I spent time holding and playing with nieces and nephews, I met the many friends and family members of the groom that I've heard about for so many years, I giggled with siblings and in-laws, and enjoyed June weather as it was meant to be.

In just a few hours our kids (duet on flute and cello) will be playing the processional as my youngest sister walks down the aisle. As they practiced last night and I watched their earnestness, my heart swelled so large with pride at these two gifted and beautiful creatures!

This is one of those days when one feels the whole world is alive and awake and smiling--life is so sweet! I feel as though I want the earth to swing just a bit slower on its axis today. To let this day last just a bit longer...

UPDATE: Thanks French police! I am contente and not content!!


Alberta said...

Ohh, now I'm homesick. Say hi to may family if you see them! ;)

Anonymous said...

ContentE. I'm pretty sure you're female. :)

We're heading to UT today, but we'll be in Utah Valley, not Cache Valley. No weddings, but lots of family.