Jana's back again., originally uploaded by mind on fire.

Lately I've been craving orange. Part of it might be the foods of the season--persimmons, pumpkins, and satsumas are all orange-y. The yoga cami I'm wearing in this pic is another orange fav (ooh, and look how long my hair is getting, people!)

The chakra energy associated with the color orange is centered around the abdomen/pelvis and is tied to creativity and sexuality. While I'm not a believer in the innate properties of chakra colors, I have been in a creative mode lately, so perhaps that's related to my fixation for orange.

What about you, are there any colors that you're craving?


Anonymous said...

I crave all colors at all times, but orange is a good one. I read somewhere once that orange is the Vedic color of life itself.

ProudMamaBlogga said...

I only started appreciating green when I was pregnant with my daughter. Suddenly it was one of my favorite colors, when I had never liked it before. That did not go away when she was born- I still have a big place in my life for greens.

This fall, I was blown away by blue. it was a feeling of calm, calculated, and very happy change.

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a good reason I liked orange! I have two orange boiled-wool jackets, two orange pullovers, an orange cardigan, various items of orange jewelry, and my fall-winter purse is orange. Oh, and of course my glasses are bright orange!

Gray said...

I have always believed that I rarely thought about colors. Yet once my daughter wrote a personal narrative about me for school, and she described me as strongly typed by the colors I wear and the colors I surround myself in. Sometimes my daughter knows me much better than I know myself.


jana said...

I have an orange wool peacoat (bought second hand) that I've never even worn this season--it's not been cold enough to warrant it. But I do love seeing its color brightening up the back of my coat closet! :)

Gray: so do tell--what are the colors that your daughter observed? I am so curious!

jana said...

proudmama: I've been blown away by blue lately too!

Gray said...

It turns out that I also wear a lot of blue, though sometimes it is not obvious. For example I often wear pants to work that are slightly bluish charcoal, I have two suits that are that color. Many of my shirts and ties contain blue motifs, even though it may not be the predominant color.

My daughter pointed out that much of the art I surround myself with contains warm, natural colors.

Many people tell me that I create my living spaces in hues typical of New England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It is clearly true, but I think of it as simply "normal" and comfortable, rather than consciously following a historical style. That's easily explained by my family background and the spaces I grew up in. Am I a mere creature of my upbringing?

Buffy said...

Oh I LOVE purple.