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A photo from the Japanese Gardens in Portland. The best Japanese gardens that I've ever been to, no contest. We visited on a rainy day so we had the whole area nearly to ourselves. It was a magical day--I loved the drizzly rain and it brought out all sorts of unique colors and textures in the foliage. Back then I hadn't learned any photography (I suspect that John took this photo because it's rather artfully rendered, but I'm not sure). Even two years ago I actually disliked taking photos because I felt so awful at it (the pics never turned out well-framed or in focus).

Now I'm still just barely learning how to shoot pictures, but I have enough knowledge under my belt to make it enjoyable. I love how I can relax as soon as my camera is in hand and I'm strolling through a garden. Though I haven't been able to take any pics for awhile now because with my cheap little camera I need a lot of natural light and it's been overcast everyday--I've been dreaming of the days ahead when I'll be back behind the lens again.


JohnR said...

There are some good ones in Japan we have to go see. But I have very fond memories of the Portland Gardens (and am grateful to your Mom for treating us.)

Your photography skills have grown incredibly--especially your macro shots!

Anonymous said...

Next time you come to Portland, I'll go with you. And I highly recommend coming in early June, when we can also visit the Washington Park rose gardens, at their peak.

jana said...

JaneAnne: Yay, we must do it! Gardens are even better with friends!

John: Can't wait to see the _real_ Japanese gardens! :)