yet more reasons that we still have no Christmas card photo

On Monday evening I strained my shoulder, neck and back. So badly that I can't move much at all without pain (and sleep, sleep where art thou?). It is a good thing that one of the few positions that I feel comfortable in is sitting on the couch at my computer. Because I am now the queen of writing grant/fellowship proposals.

Current count:
HU done--due 12/15 (confirmed arrival this morning after the application was LOST IN THE MAIL for two days)
WH in progress--due 1/2
SC in progress--due ASAP
PF in progress-due 1/10
MH in progress--due 1/15

Christmas will happen. But it may be a bit sparse and unfancy this year (IOW, those cards, if they are to arrive, they will be New Year's cards). I'm glad to know that Friends will fill in the gaps as needed on both Christmas Eve and Day!

On a happier note: I now have a prescription for muscle relaxants. And if you want to see something funny you should see me trying to walk around our apartment all relaxed like that. One might think that I'd had a bit too much brandied hard sauce on my bread pudding (if you know what mean). And can I say how supremely frustrating it is to have to repeat my words like 3 or 4 times before I can be understood?

And people, I say that the smell of Ben-Gay is pretty festive this time of year. I'm now marinating in the stuff--oozing minty menthol goodness from each pore. Yum.


Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

I always count my Christmas cards as timely if they're likely to arrive by the twelfth day of Christmas on January 6th.

catbinny said...

I am just thinking muscle relaxants and absinthe right now. Muhahah. (Evil laugh)

Kalola said...

Did you know that Ben-Gay is an aphrodisiac for seniors? My DH gets all warm and fuzzy when I lather myself in it. LOL

jana said...

I'm hoping that my friends will be understanding of our lateness this year!
I'm definitely growing fond of the scent. In my mind it's associated with relief from pain, which is all good! :)
Are you the same catbinny that I adpoted recently?