From MoJo, something to act on:

And the Rich Get Richer…

The federal deficit has reached record highs. Still, the Senate will vote next month on eliminating the Estate Tax for the richest 2 percent of Americans. To learn more about the Estate Tax repeal/reform visit: www.americanprogress.org To contact your senators about the Estate Tax cut visit: www.moveonpac.org.


Calin Rus said...

I've just came across your blog, randomly. I like it, I think I will watch it in the next days or so... I have still one question: at your profile, the 'amputee' keyword appear. Why is that? I am curious to know, because I am an amputee myslef and if you are to, I'll be gladly open for a chat, via mails.

Caroline said...

Just sent my email to my senators :)

jana said...


My right leg was amputated above the knee because of a malignant tumor. I also had a year of chemotherapy. My cancer has never returned [knock on wood].

How about you?