one foot in and one foot out

Me here, dipping my toes into the warm-ish waters of Walden Pond (photo courtesy of John). There were numerous bathers who leaped in the pond oblivious of the chilly wind. We also got a nice view of one young gent in his tight-whities (that provoked some great giggles all around).

Walden Pond was all I expected and more. Thoreau continues to grow in stature in my mind. His wee cabin was the perfect size. I was ready to move in!

Today John & I met with ECS (part of the MOF and pilgrimgirl community) and her newborn son. We also took in a few more sights on the Freedom Trail, got great camera shots at the Granary Burying Ground, and enjoyed same world-famous Regina pizza and Mike's Pastries (yes, and I had the cannoli of course!). The afternoon was spent with my F/friend of many years, David, and his wife and newborn son. What a fabulous family! There is something so incredibly satisfying in seeing how the folks you knew as a young person--how they grow up to be even more amazing than you imagined 'way back when.' :)

John and I then wandered around the Cambridge area--finding that we blended in much better there than in the North End or in Beacon Hill. We are just university people. We shared an awesome plate of mediterranean food at a groovy restaurant that reminded me in so many ways of the Gypsy Den in SoCal (one of our regular hangouts). We also found some great bookshops and also a tea shoppe with organic vanilla tea. I was particularly stunned by the latter, given that I have looked far and wide for such and had resigned myself to never finding it. I'll post the name of the company soon, so you can all benefit from my newfound wisdom (I'll also taste it to make sure that it's up to par!).

The upshot of my day (and of the week thus far): Bostonians are just the kindest people ever! An example: we were waiting outside of Regina's (in the table line which is never a short one!) and the guy who was seating tables saw my cane (I use a cane when I'm traveling and footing it 5+ miles/day) and he brought me a folding chair to sit on after I asked if there was somewhere to sit as I waited. Everyone else in line was so jealous! Another man in line realized that we'd all have a long wait and passed a container of the freshest calamari I've ever tasted (from the Fish Market around the corner, he said) to John and I and encouraged us to try some. It was absolutely delicious! Another experience: the tourguide at the Emerson manse who, when he realized we were running too late to attend both his tour and get to the last tour at the Alcott place, encouraged us to go to Alcott's first and held the tour at the Emerson manse until we rushed over. There are numerous other examples: the kind denizens of the SeedPod Coop who fed us on Tuesday, the great folks who live at the Friends' House where we are sleeping who stay up until after midnight chatting over a glass of milk (and a handful of ibuprofen for my weary body), the folks who, when the see my cane, generously offer their seats on the "T", the many waiters/waitresses who've recommended such tasty food to us as we've dined in unfamiliar eateries, and the "T" workers who've been so helpful with my been-though-the-washing-machine defective weekly tube pass. That's not even to mention those of you of our readers who've been so generous with your time and your homes!!

So people of Boston: you are awesome. Really. You've made this trip just magical for us!

And tomorrow: I leave for the Exponent II retreat. New Hampshire here I come!!

PS: I will so miss the blaring sound of the 'T' conductors announcing that the next stop is "Paaaahnk Streeeet." :)


Kaimi said...

Cool beans, Jana.

Not to be a skeptic or anything, but is that like, really, a toe in the pond? Because I forget which side is which. You wouldn't be faking acquaintance with warm-ish waters, would you? :P

Yes, it's a funny thing to think. But I have to say, it was actually my first thought on seeing the photo. "Wait a minute -- is she _really_ dipping her toes in the pond?"

Ever since you told me about sticking straight pins in your knee and freaking out random observers . . . :)

jana said...

I didn't want to dip the robot foot given that it's price tag is oh-so-high and my warranty ran out a few months ago (I am so knocking on wood right now....)

So yes, I promise I'm not pulling your leg on this one....

Deborah said...

Boston is the promised land. We'll get back there some day for good.

See you tonight! I'm hoping to pull in around 7 -- hopefully the dining hall will still have an apple for me . . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous you were in Boston! I hope you got to stroll through some of the old cemeteries. Have fun at the exponent retreat. I hope you post about some of the sessions upon your return.

jana said...

the cemeteries were some of my fav spots! I'll be posting pics very soon!

The X2 retreat was wonderful. I took few notes at the sessions because I wanted the experience to just wash over me. But Victoria's session about non-violent communication I _did_ take notes at and I will be reading several of the books she suggested and using them as springboards for discussion here and on the X2Blog. :)

Gray said...

I took a break from your blog and realized that you were on my own turf! I walk past a number of the places you visited daily, and go to the free concerts in Kings Chapel every Tuesday. Sometimes I perform there. I am intimate with Concord and and dance and play music there. (I used to work across the street from the former Boston rooming house where Horace Greeley lived, and where Hawthorn courted his future wife.)

I'm so sorry we did not get to meet.


jana said...

I had hoped that we would get the chance to meet while I was in Boston. But as you'd recently said you'd been traveling, I figured that the timing was just not right this time or you would've spoken up sooner...

But I intend to return to the Boston area before long, so all is not lost! Perhaps we even walked past each other on the street and didn't even know it? (e.g. We were at King's Chapel after the Tuesday concert). :)