the sweater song

I have a favorite sweater that I really like to wear
Even on days when it’s covered with the kitties’ hair.
I’ve had it for 5 years and I’ve changed the buttons twice
It’s been to France and England, and it’s been in snow and ice.
I put it in my closet, hiding it from view.
Hoping to stop wearing it because it’s looking quite un-new.
But when it’s cold and dreary, or when I need a hug,
It’s my soft and threadbare sweater that I really, really love.

Written in less than 5 minutes by me. In the few minutes I had today between picking up the kids from school and taking E to girl scouts.


Badpatty said...

I have one of those. Mine used to be a much more interesting shade of green, though it's now gray-ish green. It doesn't smell dirty, just. . . old. It's a wonderful thing.

fMhLisa said...

I saw a sweater today that called to me, it said own me Lisa, I love you, and you will love me too.

I could see myself wearing that sweater every-other day for the rest of eternity. I had to leave it there. But your song makes me think I should probably sacrifice my next paycheck to the joy I sensed in that moment of love at first sight.

jana said...

Yes, I think you just might need to take that risk! You might be forging a lifelong relationship. :)

I can still remember the day I bought my sweater--back in an irvine marshall's store. I remember wondering if it was worth it. And it so was :)

My other favorite sweater (yes, I have two) is a ecashmere v-neck from a thrift shop in Bakersfield. It has a label from the 50's. It's the thickest cashmere ever. It has a small hole in one shoulder but I'm sure that no one ever notices...