Last night:

"I have a student who's really cute. He's not doing well in the class, but he tries really hard."

"Should I be worried that you think your students are cute?"

"He's not that kind of cute. He's like wookie-cute."

"Wookie-cute? [insert really pathetic imitation of Chewbacca that sounds like a howler monkey w/hemorhhoids]

"No, No, No. Not wookie cute, _ewok_ cute. Like a teddy bear."

"Oh. Yah. Big difference."


John said...

As one who was involved in this conversation (specifically as the One Who Sounds Sometimes Like a Howler Monkey With Hemmaroids) this dialgoue seems sanitized compared to the original. Jana omits:

1) the fact that the participants were naked,
2) the greater context of this conversation (it was part of the pre-sex pillow talk),
3) there was much hard laughter, including multiple snorts from both parties, and
4) there were further comments about Jana's aversion to hairy backs.

John said...

Shoot, we both spelled hemorrhoids, wrong. But it's fun to say, and you don't get to say it much.

Unless you are an MD with a colon-rectal specialization. (Would that be a colonary emphasis?)

A. Marigold said...

I have a student who asks me to call him "Chewey"...

Dora said...

Way. Too. Much. Info. Quit bragging about your sex lives.