I have two favorite web videos:
Wanna-Be Backstreet
Yatta (love the fig leaves)
So here's where I make my confession...I've always been super-attracted to Asian men. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because lots of the Asian guys that I knew in high school were smart (and smart is good). And I like dark haired, darker complexioned people--not that I don't like lighter-colored people--I just find dark more captivating, more visually interesting. I often dated guys who weren't necessarily Asian, but had darker features just because this is what first drew me to them...

So--the videos. I don't watch these lusting ofter these men. First of all, they are probably much too young for me. Second, I just don't feel lust over strangers. But I do find that these little clips always make me giggle. They are just plain entertaining.

But most of all I like it when my sexy Asian husband does his own renditions for me :)

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