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John's sweet post yesterday made me happy. I especially loved his links to past anniversaries, some of which I'd forgotten about. For example, here are his thoughts on our tenth celebration:

we didn’t do any of the things you’re supposed to do on your tenth anniversary, like take a second honeymoon, or buy expensive jewelry, or go on a cruise, or eat dinner at a fancy restaurant, or whatever it is people do who make it this far. both jana and i were concerned at times and apologetic to each other. “maybe we should have done something more memorable,” we lamented.

but in the end, we celebrated simplicity. we celebrated doing things our own way, and we celebrated just being with each other. our move back to the university, our rejection of the inanity of the “keeping up with the joneses” approach to living, this seems like adventure enough. i am recording this because, when we look back on this many years from now, i want us to be able to remember that we did celebrate our tenth anniversary in a manner that was uniquely us and deeply satisfying to the both of us::

And some of my anniversary posts through the years:
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John and I haven't officially celebrated this year yet, because we'll be doing so this weekend. I think we were smart to get married right around Labor Day--so we always have a holiday weekend for our anniversaries. :)

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madelyn said...

happy anniversary!

i would imagine a coffee and a walk on the beach to be a lovely celebration together ~ just holding hands:)