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A pic of some climbing roses on an arbor at the Huntington Library. Taken in the rose garden today on my way to the Japanese Garden.

Stole into the grounds before they opened to the public this morning (I didn't do anything too sneaky--"readers" are allowed access to the grounds whenever they want). Spent time in the Japanese garden all alone until a worker came to feed the koi fish. Felt a lot of peace and renewal there. It was just what I needed.

Isn't the sky the most amazing color of blue!!


Anonymous said...

Jana, have you been to the Japanese garden in Balboa Park in San Diego? I was there a few weeks ago -- it's really beautiful.

jana said...

I don't think I have--I think it's always been closed when I've been down there. For me, though I love the Japanese garden at the Huntington, all Japanese gardens will always pale in comparison to the one in Portland. I've yet to see it's like. Supposedly it's even better than Japanese gardens in Japan (tho I can't wait to judge that for myself someday...)

JENN said...

Beautiful! Too cold and snowy here to have flowers right now. Thanks for sharing your piece of the world.

Anonymous said...


I always loved the Japanese garden, from the big gong to the gravel zen garden, the likes of which I'd never seen before anywhere else. Very, very restful.

I don't know if you already know this, but the Huntingtons were big collectors of camellia species, and I seem to remember that there is a garden there devoted entirely to camellias which bloom around January, as I recall. I think it's up the hillside above the Japanese garden.

Whenever they all come into bloom, whatever time of year that is (and I really do think it's January), there also used to be a camellia show exhibiting sample blossoms, each floating in its own water-filled glass dish on long, white fabric-covered tables under a big open tent. I'll bet it still happens. We used to go every year, and then eat pleasant but undistinguished sandwiches in the little lunchroom. It was a lovely annual treat.

daisies said...

absolutely stunning!!