what I wore to church today

what I wore to church today, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

For a few years I've been coveting this belt--the buckle is the seatbelt from a Mustang. So John picked it up for me yesterday as a random surprise (john: you rock!). So of course I had to wear it to church today so I could feel extra fancy as I worshiped in Friends' Meeting.

Note: I drove a vintage 70s mustang in high school, courtesy of my deceased grandpa (it'd been his car until his death). That car was coo-oool, down to the peeling-off vinyl on the top and to the driver's side door that came completely off the hinges whenever it was opened (I often entered the car 'Dukes of Hazard' style to avoid the door issue). My nostalgia for the "Crus-tang" is still strong. And now I can revel in that each time I put on my pants. :)


Bored in Vernal said...

What I wore to Church. Not nearly as interesting. Blah.

Anonymous said...

i've got to set the record straight on the crustang.

the door problem was very temporary. i was probably the one that fixed it anyway.

and i thought i remembered you crawling in the passenger side and working your way over to the driver's seat, not shimmying your way through the window.

i once tried to pull off the "slide across the hood on my booty" trick on that car (also a dukes of hazard move). i guess it would have worked better if the car had been freshly waxed.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome belt! I love it so much!

jana said...

d: glad to have you around to set the record straight....yes, I did usually shimmy over the gearstick from the passenger side to get into the mustang. But sometimes I went in through the window, too. It depended on what boy was watching me at the time :)

do you have any pics of the 'stang? I would seriously love one. I've tried to describe it to john and to show him similar cars, but they are pretty hard to find nowadays, as they aren't the model of mustang that collectors seem to want to invest in.