blue, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

This flower is called 'blue fairy.' I think it lives up to its name quite well.

Today it was supposed to rain, but it never did. I planned my day all indoors, thinking that out-of-doors wouldn't be an option. Now I'm feeling antsy and cooped-up. Too much studying, methinks.

Tomorrow I will plan to head to the gym first thing. To get out some of this extra energy left over from today. And then I will head to the garden to visit my new plants. :)

Update: The garden was gorgeous this morning. Lot of weeds, though, that I'll need to attack soon. Oh, and my garden neighbor disposed of the dead gopher that's been molderin' under my favorite rosebush. Yay for brave garden neighbors (I was way too chicken to move the rotting carcass. bleh.)

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John White said...

Didn't rain?! Are you serious?

jana said...

It never rained here in Irvine--it was actually a gorgeous sunny day with a slightly biting cold wind.

At the gym this morning I watched the news and saw that the rest of the Southland was pummeled with high winds and storm conditions. Crazy.