first day home #1, 1994
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In just a few hours, C will be twelve years old. For your enjoyment (and mine!), I've uploaded 12 of C's baby pictures to flickr. Click on the one above to see more. :)

I've written about C's many fine qualities here and here. But I can't let this day pass without telling everyone again how very special C is. His birth was truly a miracle. And that miracle is one that keeps on giving, making each new day even more wonderful than the last.

This past year C went away to 6th grade camp for a week, he tried out for the Honor orchestra, conducted a successful science fair experiment on the dissolution of aspirin tablets, got glasses, learned how to cook quesadillas and ramen noodles, and mastered bike-riding. Sixth grade is a big year, and C has handled it well. He's still earning top marks in his APAAS class. His teacher trusts and respects him. His classmates enjoy his company. C is, as always, a devoted brother to his sister and a great help around the house--diligently doing his daily chores. His passions are reading, computer gaming, and learning about science. He loves to snuggle with the kitties. He is endlessly hungry and his favorite foods are salmon, turkey jerky, and gyoza. He eats salad because he knows it's good for him. C is crazy ticklish on every part of his body. He gives great hugs and even lovely soft kisses.

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Gray said...

How wonderful to get such a glowing, loving, and even humorous tribute from your mom on your birthday.