7 reasons to love Aunt Suz's house

1) She has good candy (like reese's pieces and belly flops)
2) She has a big fat soft man-kitty who leaps up onto my lap and purrs madly
2.5) and an awesome furperson w/dog breath named Pete
3) She cooks good things like beer-can chicken and rice krispy treats
4) She has a trampoline and the world's best backyard that-is-really-the-side-of-mountain (complete w/2 greenhouses, meandering paths, and a den of skunks) that I've ever experienced.
5) She loves my kids
6) The free food lady that lives next door. This neighbor has some mysterious job w/a non-profit organization where she gets tons of donated food--more than the shelter can use--so it gets passed around my family. We came home with all the fixins for some awesome Remy nachos and enough mangoes for shakes all week long...
7) She has Chris around. And he's just about as cool as Suz is.


John said...

I dunno...Chris' sausage stuffing puts him on a level with Susan.

Then again, Susan's used-book generosity raises her coolness factor several more notches...

el.dude said...

Is that you in the picture?

jana said...

No, that's Susan (my little sister) and Chris. I look pretty similar, but just a few years older. There are lots of pictures of my on my flickr account (click on the flickr badge on the sidebar of my blog).