I'm sitting here naked at kitchen table typing away.
Well... not really.
[Rather, I'm wearing my favorite black t-shirt & jeans, and licking the BBQ sauce off of my fingers from the very fine riblet sandwich I just ate for lunch--YUM]

On my first-ever blog (at enivri.com), my first post was about being naked, about revealing the 'inner me' to anyone who wanted to read. But honestly, that first blog wasn't very interesting and didn't get read very often so I stopped paying for the domain name after a few months.

Though I don't pretend that this blog is all that much better than my first one, I've had lots more 'hits' and have recently discovered that several old friends read my blog. In a way it's flattering to have a bevy of readers. But I'm also nervous to have all my wierd moles and warts showing. And all of those scars that you can't see when I'm wearing clothes--those are showing, too.

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