serenity, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

I'd intended for today to be a day of peace and serenity. I got up fairly early and had the first few hours of the morning to myself. Lovely.

But things didn't go so smoothly from there on out. I went to Quaker Meeting, but had some things on my mind that made it difficult to relax into the silence. I felt disconnected and had a sense of urgency about some pressing matters that made me second-guess my being there. As soon as Meeting closed, I got a call from John that his bike had broken down about 40 miles into his "century" (100 mile) trek and he needed my aid.

Of course the freeway between him and me was moving at 6-10 miles per hour. Sigh. Eventually finding John was joy, even if I wasn't a happy camper along the way there.

Some days don't go as we planned, do they?

I got home from the bike shop and had a bit of nap, puttered around in the garden, and was just plain lazy for a few hours.

I still haven't regained that sense of serenity that I'd started the day with and hoped to carry with me all day long, but I suspect that it will return again tomorrow morning. And we'll see what happens from there...


JohnR said...

I love how this photo turned out (I keep returning to this statue, trying to find new ways of capturing it). Did you alter it in any way?

And thank you so much for making the grueling trek up to get me. Having exhausted every option available to me (well, w/o spending money or abandoning my bike), I was feeling pretty frustrated and isolated (and hot and tired and dehydrated) and knowing that you were on your way was a huge, huge relief.

Here's a little deep, deep gratitude in exchange for some of the peace that eluded you yesterday. :)

jana said...

I softened it a pit in picnik and added a dark matte around the edges to the statue would pop out a bit from the background.

We both made sacrifices for each other this weekend. Just ironic that both meant hours in grueling traffic...