hair again

I keep vacillating between getting another haircut or growing it out. Not the world's most important decision, but...
during the summer it's always nice to have hair long enough for a ponytail,
but then again, short hair dries so much faster when one is swimming often.

I think for now, my lack of decision means that it's growing out. But I'm not sure I'm really committed to it. I saw a vid of me teaching the last time I had long hair and I realized that my hair is just so fine & thin that it doesn't really look healthy when it's long. When short it has much more body. So what to do?


janeannechovy said...

As the possessor of fine, thin hair, I recommend two things:

1. Keep the length above your shoulders.

2. Get some kind of color treatment, which gives your hair texture and keeps it from looking lank. I currently have highlights and lowlights, so the overall effect is my natural color, but more interesting. If the highlights are subtle (mine are), a) no one will know you've had them done, and b) they won't have to be touched up more than 3-4 times/year, depending on how fast your hair grows. The drawback is that good highlights are not cheap.

sarah k. said...

I have exactly the same problem. I have had tiny hair ever since I got engaged, so my husband doesn't even really remember me with longer. But I'm so tired of cutting it every month! I' m thinking of dyeing it pink. But I'm not a prof.

galen dara said...

I second the dying pink suggestion. that is what I am currently thinking of doing.