Jana and Heather Armstrong, originally uploaded by mind on fire.

This was my first foray out of the house, hospital, or clinic in over three weeks. It was well worth the effort. :)


Aerin said...

Here I am thinking - is Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) really attending Sunstone???!?

Anonymous said...

I made it here too because of Heather, AKA Dooce, and boy am I happy. I'm learning how to accept and deal with the slow loss of my legs to Multiple Sclerosis and I want to thank you for your post a couple days ago on doing what must be done. Little tid bits here and there in life really shine and stick with me. Thank you for shining and helping me.

Jessie said...

jana, i just read the comment you left on my blog and wanted to cheer you on to ask your landlord for cat #3. i say this because the puppy we are about to adopt will be pet #5!! we have 2 other dogs and 2 cats. it seems crazy that a landlord would let anyone have that many pets! but i think when you are truly responsible, other people know that. just look what i would have missed out on if i wouldn't have asked! good luck. i hope you get a big fat YES! :)