today was 100% jampacked with drama==can't detail it all but the highlights included surgery, a PICC line, and a plate of pancakes that waited all day for the moment around 7 pm that the docs cleared me for eating again.

Every single part of my body is sore right now. As soon as the pain meds I just took kick in, I will be off to the land of happy sleep for many hours.



daisies said...

sweet dreams ... hope it all went well :) xo

John White said...

Every time you described the process of searching for a vein, I wondered why they didn't install a PICC line. I just assumed it wasn't appropriate for some reason... like the site needed to move or something.

Hope that's a small victory.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for pancakes! And jam, although I understand that "jampacked" does not mean there was actual jam involved, and that drama jam can be quite sour.

I hope this does the trick.