harrowing adventures

First, it must be said: There's no place like home. I've smothered all the peoples here with hugs and kisses. And the kitties, too.

To the harrow:
~Within 48 hours of my arrival in Colorado, my leg infection returned (but, hey, before it got out of control I at least got to hang out at the Hot Springs with my hot sistas, so I feel I can't complain too too much). I got acquainted with the fine healthcare system at Swedish Medical Center and can say that if one is in need of urgent care in Denver, that is surely the place to head. Yes, I'm doing better now--started yet another round of antibiotics and spent some time with my friend vicodin.

~Coming home I had my most traumatic experience with airport security yet. I politely explained to the guard before I walked thru the metal detector that I didn't need to remove my shoes because of my disability and I would have to be hand-searched because of my prosthetic leg. However he decided that I was being a "belligerent passenger" and called out the red alert. I ended up removing my shoes while being surrounded by several security personnel and then penned in a plexiglass enclosure.

Moments later, as the head of security was profusely apologizing me for all that had happened--I still in my socks and walking on a slick linoleum floor, slipped and fell in front of a huge crowd of onlookers. I was just mortified--at the horror of being corralled by security, at being held and treated like a criminal simply for trying to explain my needs to one over-reactive employee, and then slipping. And just feeling so vulnerable everytime a TSA employee takes advantage of me (it's not the first time).

And, why, oh why do I not feel one whit safer in the skies with these numbnuts policing our airlines?


sarah k. said...

Would today be a good day to send a batch of hot lemon scones? With lemon rosemary glaze? This story makes me so indignant. I just don't understand how people can be so ignernt.

Anonymous said...

Oh, geez, they're the ones who should be embarrassed, not you! A$$holes.

Alisa said...

Wow, Jana. I've been telling everyone my recent TSA story about how the robot (TSA officer) was so insistant that everyone have their liquids and gels in a 1-quart sized plastic bag that he took all the liquids and gels from the strangers in front of me and insisted that I put them in my plastic bag and bin, and that I see them through. I protested that I didn't know these people, nor did I feel comfortable carrying strangers luggage through security, but the guard said since I was the only one with a bag, it had to be done that way. So much for *security* being the end of all that. Robots.

Your story makes me want to cry, it's so awful. Be sure to honor yourself after such an ordeal. It's not you, it's the robots.

Gray said...

What a horrible tale! I feel profoundly mortified by your airport experience.

Feel well!

Brooke said...

How infuriating! I am so upset by stories I have heard lately with how airports and airlines have dealt with disabled friends. Grrr.

Faith G said...

Fellow cancer survivor who found your blog. Have heard about other people with similar experiences- one girl going through chemo was told she would have to uncover her open wounds to make sure she was not hiding anything under her bandages (the bandages were covering her port).

Unknown said...

That's so horrible! It's amazing how, in our effort to "be safe", we end up hurting the people we're trying to protect. There is no excuse for what you experienced and how you were treated. No excuse at all.

Anonymous said...

my mother has a disability, though i don't write about it openly on my blog. it's arrogant for me to tell you i understand what you are going through but in a way, i do. i've been helping my mother since i was 15. she gets harassed everywhere we go practically.

it's worse in some places because she has a medical service dog, but her disability isn't openly obvious (nerve/pain disorder) and people try to block her with her vested/tagged dog. It's maddeningly ignorant and though she would rather NOT bring attention to herself and is more than polite to these people, i want to scream at them. i want to grab their shirt collars and yell, WTF do YOU know? What do YOU knwo about pain and dealing with this on a daily basis? How can you understand this?

She is allowed to bring her dog in anywhere she goes and when people try to block her, she'd rather not deal with the argument and embarrassment, whereas i want to parade around and show them how WRONG they are. i think she doesn't always prefer my method. it's hard. watching your mother be marginalized and wanting to defend her. it's your mother. that shouldn't be your job right?

btw, here via dooce.com.

Anonymous said...

by the way, you inspired me and i wrote more on this on my blog for the first time ever.