lesson learned

Before you spend a lot of time working the garden this Spring, do me a favor and go get your tetanus booster (and while you're at it, get that diptheria and pertussis stuff, too).

Because if you're in the garden, working alone, and you happen to get a long piece of rusty metal embedded in your leg (the organic one, not the fake one), well you might have a bit less of a total freakout if you've had the shot.

And if you don't, you might just end up spending the afternoon sitting in a germy, all-vinyl doctor's office instead of being home with your leg propped up on comfy couch pillows, cold drink at your side.

Sigh. Lesson learned.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Yikes!

I hope your leg doesn't hurt too much, or your arm.

SoCalSingleMama said...

OUCH! Take care of yourself, dear, you don't have another leg to spare! :-)

jana said...

thanks for your well-wishes. I am needing them tonite. sigh.