tea for three

emergency tea, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

A few days ago, a bright red envelope arrived in the mail from Sara (lucky me!). Inside was her contribution to my emergency tea stash (oh my, and delicious French tea, too--the very best kind!).

So I couldn't snap a photo of her gift until this morning because I haven't had good light this weekend. I prepped the 'shoot' by setting the tea on a saucer along with my favorite teacup. But after just a few seconds, this happened along:
elly investigating my new tea
And then just a few seconds after EllyCat hopped down off the shelf, look who had to investigate:
So I guess what I'm saying is, that between me, Elly and Toby, I doubt Sara's tea will last long around here!


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Anonymous said...

Hee! That is so cute!

I do not believe there is any catnip in any of those teas, but you never know. Meanwhile, I'm so glad you ladies are enjoying the package, each in your own way. :) I've been meaning to send that for the longest time, but only just now got my act together and did it. Catgirl was too right about the Lipton.


daisies said...

sooo cute and what a wonderful gift to get in the mail :) xox