I haven't been posting much lately. As my family-of-origin can attest, silence is pretty atypical in the Jana-verse. :)

Some reasons for my silence:
1) the garden. taking all of my free moments. no wireless access there...
2) the kids' swim season began. we had out first meet yesterday. six hours in the blazing hot sun. cheering the kids in each of their races, forking out money at the "shark shack" for popsicles, chatting with other parents. C&E practice every evening for two hours, which means a huge chunk of my day is spent at the pool sans junebug (my trusty laptop)
3) end of the quarter fatigue. wanting to shed responsibility, nap, and lie in my hammock (which just emerged from the closet for the summer)
4) our digital camera is sorta-broken. it's now a battery-sucking monster (meaning, that you have to replace the batteries after using it for about 5 minutes).
5) i've been doing a lot of contemplation. thinking rather than writing. it's a good place to be for now.

i expect that i'll be back to my regularly scheduled daily postings soon. in the meantime...you can find me in the garden.


Anonymous said...

The garden is a wonderful place to be. I wish I could see yours this time of year. My favorite time for a garden is when everthing justs starts to grow. Such a wonder every time. I never tire seeing it.
It's like the visualizaiton of hope.

John said...

You could do podcasts from the garden! :P

I checked the camera this morning, and the new batteries I put in there are still holding out--maybe it's not the camera's problem after all?