Things I have eaten Trader Joe's Salsa Verde with this week:
1) Tortilla chips
2) An avocado and havarti cheese wrap
3) AkMak crackers
4) Mac 'n' cheese
5) An omelet w/ hash browns
6) A spoon
7) My index finger


el.dude said...

Oh my, when the salsa or spicy food craving takes over, there's no stopping me either...sometimes the egg idea is a good one, maybe a straw? :)

jana said...

Love it. Yes, I will have to try the straw. Even more efficient than a spoon or a finger. Less mess, too.

M.A. said...

lately I've been making my own salsa- and the thought hit me "why just make normal salsa when I can add tomatillos?"

So- my slals has been a strange salsa/salsa verde mix which really makes it more of a pink color.

But it's delicious so I don't really mind if it is neither bright red or tomatillo green.