Things I have eaten Trader Joe's Salsa Verde with this week:
1) Tortilla chips
2) An avocado and havarti cheese wrap
3) AkMak crackers
4) Mac 'n' cheese
5) An omelet w/ hash browns
6) A spoon
7) My index finger


John said...

I can think of new and creative ways for you to eat your green sauce...

el.dude said...

Oh my, when the salsa or spicy food craving takes over, there's no stopping me either...sometimes the egg idea is a good one, maybe a straw? :)

jana said...

Love it. Yes, I will have to try the straw. Even more efficient than a spoon or a finger. Less mess, too.

M.A. said...

lately I've been making my own salsa- and the thought hit me "why just make normal salsa when I can add tomatillos?"

So- my slals has been a strange salsa/salsa verde mix which really makes it more of a pink color.

But it's delicious so I don't really mind if it is neither bright red or tomatillo green.