Tiananmen Square

After being in China just a few hours, we headed off to Tiananmen Square. Note the tall poles in the flag picture and the lightpost behind me in the bottom photo. These were high-tech cameras, microphones, and listening devices that were scattered every few feet throughout the square. Before we set foot on the pavement we were warned not to talk about the student uprising and not to take pictures of the military/police. Vans, like the white one behind me in the bottom pic, drove randomly aorund the square to break up any gathering crowds. If you look closly over my shoulder in the bottom pic you can see some of the military patrols on the square...

Our little group was doing our best to follow the rules when the police decided to completely evacuate the Square. We were quickly herded to an underground tunnel, and in the process several of our group members were separated from our group. Michael, our group leader, argued with the police. He was shoved aside.

All in all, an inauspicious beginning to our trip.

[Note: I'm wearing a dork nametag in almost all of the China pictures. This identified me as a member of the mighty J4 group, and kept me out of trouble :)]


Anonymous said...

jana, thanks for getting the first few pics from your trip up. i'm looking forward to seeing more of your trip to china.

John said...

I really like the bottom picture.

Now that you've had an Asian out-of-country experience, I can't wait for all of us to go to Japan! (Of course we'll have to work and live there, since vacationing is cost-prohibitive)

Dora said...

I warned you about the tag. Besides the dork factor, it seriously inhibits your haggling ability at the openair markets. You've got to bleeeeeeennnnnd in. Notice how often I was approached by people speaking Chinese, although I'm sure they recognized that I am of strict Japanese and Korean descent.