for real?

Sometimes I think my kids aren't for real. Like twice this week when they've been given candy at school and they've brought it home to share. E got some candy in her orcehstra class. She got 4 pieces and said the Twix for me (knowing it was my favorite ) and did the same with everyone else's favorite treat. Today C's sub gave him dumdums and tootsie rolls. He brought me the tootsie (yum) and figured out which flavor of dumdum that everyone else would most like. As I savored my tootsie roll I thought to myself about all the times I'd been given cookies & candies at school. And I knew that NOT ONCE did I ever bring any home to share with my sibs, much less my parents. The thought wouldn't even have ever occurred to me. Instead, I stashed away any extras in places where I was sure only I would ever find them.

Yet for my kids, they wouldn't be able to enjoy such bounty without sharing it with the rest of us.

Can you see why I wonder if: a) C&E aren't really real children, but are aliens modeled on child characters from 50's sitcoms, or b) they are deities incarnate?


John said...

Jana's right--most of our friends are almost as amazed as we are!

Once when I was on a Euro boardgame kick and was thinking of buying another one, C (who loves playing these games with me) said, "Dad, we don't even play the ones we have--why should we get another one?"

E is a little more down to earth, though, and will not hinder me from buying any fun new things. In fact, she and I shopping together can threaten the cash-filled pocketbook. (Fortunately, the pocketbook is not often filled with cash.)

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